£27,100 premium for homes with outdoor space

According to property portal Zoopla.co.uk, Brits are willing to pay a whopping £27,100 premium for a property with outdoor space.

Those renting also see a garden as a priority they are willing to pay for, shelling out an extra £243 each month for a home with a garden.

Buyers in the south east are prepared to pay the most for a home with a garden, paying an additional £31,768. Followed closely by Londoners, who pay a £31,447 premium.

In the East of England this figure is slightly lower at £28,845 for a home with outdoor space.

It’s evident that Brits prioritise outdoor space when searching for their dream home. Some 86 per cent of buyers asked by Zoopla reported a garden to be one of the most important factors in their property search.

Those who are marketing their home currently or plan to do so, should be aware that 54 per cent of buyers have been put off by an unkept garden.

More than half of homeowners would sacrifice internal space in favour of a garden, with 54 per cent willing to give up a bedroom for outdoor space.

Our advice: “Sellers and landlords should make the most of this by ensuring any outdoor space is in good order prior to a viewing.

With the recent good weather, buyers are more focused on the outdoor space of a property and how it would fit alongside their lifestyle.

Setting up garden furniture, giving the lawn a cut and removing any weeds can make a big difference in how a buyer views your home.”

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