Sell Your Home In A Snap

What if you could reduce the amount of time it takes to sell your property by a quarter with one very simple step? How much would you pay to cut the amount of time it takes to find a buyer, securing your next dream home? How about if it wouldn’t cost you a penny, would you say no?

When analysing data from property portal Rightmove(1), taken over the past 18 months, we noticed a dramatic reduction in the average number of days our clients’ properties were on the market. The fall occurred and remain from January this year, the difference? 23.6%! This shaves weeks off the time taken to find a buyer, allowing clients to move forward on the home they want.

So, what did we do in January that made this huge difference? Free Professional Photography.

It only takes a second to spot a professionally photographed property, with images that capture more of the property, with balanced lighting and vibrant colours.

How much of a difference can photos really make? Thanks again to Rightmove I can tell you. On average 77 more people per week will click to view your properties details. With so many more people drawn to ‘find out more’, it’s no wonder a buyer is found sooner.

It will come as no surprise that as the only agent in Royston offering free professional photos on every listing (because it works!), we have the highest average detailed views per day, per property. In fact, our clients’ properties receive 110 more detailed views per week than the 2nd best agent in town.

Every property type, size and location can benefit from this free service, which is why we offer it to all our clients. In fact, we’ve seen a dramatic increase across all three WellingtonWise office locations so we know it works.

(1) Data from 01/07/16 to 17/08/17 based on SG8 0, SG8 5, SG8 6, SG8 7, SG8 8, SG8 9.

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